Historical and Educational Jousting Audio and Video Clips

Audio Courtesy of National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition 2002

Cynthia Johnston of NPR News reporting on jousting at the 2002 Maryland State Jousting Championships in Centreville, MD. Introduction by Bob Edwards of Morning Edition/NPR News. Interviews with Dorsey Wooters, Buck Schuyler, Janice Enfield and Buddy Wooters. 
Karen Given, for NPR's Only a Game, reports on the 2002 National Jousting Tournament in Purcellville, VA. Interviews with Linda Minnick, Mona Banton, George Godette, and Leon Enfield.

Audio Courtesy of National Public Radio (NPR) Only A Game 2002
ESPN's 50 States in 50 Days aired on SportsCenter from July 17, 2005 to September 5, 2005. Each day for 50 consecutive days, the program, also called "SportsCenter Across America", visited every American state and the District of Columbia, covering various sporting events from the grassroots to the big leagues. The purpose of "50 States in 50 Days" was to "celebrate the uniqueness of each of our 50 states". Maryland was the first state to select a state sport. Jousting is the official state sport of Maryland. On August 27, 2005 Scott Van Pelt provided the introduction, while in Port Republic Maryland, ESPN SportsCenter hosts Matt Winer and John Barr covered the 139th Calvert County Jousting Tournament. Interviews with Jackie Rosenthal and Bruce Hoffman.

Video Courtesy of ESPN SportsCenter 2005

Video Courtesy of ESPN SportsCenter 2005
Cal Ripken Jr., of Baltimore Orioles fame, is quizzed by ESPN on the State Sport of Maryland as part of ESPN's 50 States in 50 Days. Also included is the closeout of this days ESPN 50-in-50 segment from Port Republic, MD and the 139th Calvert County Jousting Tournament.
Jenna Wolfe, of the NBC Today Show, traveled to the National Hall of Fame Joust which was held at Natural Chimneys Park near Mt. Solon, VA. In addition to participating in the joust, she conducted interviews with Mona Banton - Maid of Midway, then the President of the National Jousting Association, who explained the rules of Ring Jousting. Corey Minnick describes the ring sizes and George Godette talks about why jousting is fun.

Video Courtesy of NBC Today Show

Video Courtesy of Patch.com
Nick DiMarco, an Editor for Patch.com (a.k.a. the Knight of Patch.com), with the Amateur Jousting Club (AJC) in Glen Arm, MD. Interviews with Tiffany Ramsey, Randy McGill, and Malcom Macy. Guidance from Bruce and Peggy Hoffman.
Coverage of the Jousting Exhibition performed at the Great Frederick Fair. Interviews with Corey Minnick, Nancy Hendricks the Chairperson of the Great Frederick Fair Equine Event, and Leon Enfield - Knight of Little Woods.

Video Courtesy of Frederick News-Post
Maryland Jousting Tournament Association

Video Courtesy of The Capital Gazette - HometownAnnapolis.com
2009 St. Margaret's Church Joust in Annapolis, MD. Vicki Betts explains Ring Jousting for HometownAnnapolis.com.
Video presentation of the 2011 National Jousting Championships held in Aldie, VA. The video features still images and slow motion ring captures followed by full speed video. It highlights riders from the Amateur, Semi-Professional, and Professional classes. Finally, it covers the awards ceremony and winners in each class (Lead-Line, Novice, Amateur, Semi- Professional, and Professional). Note that this is a sport that the entire family can compete in!

Video Courtesy of The Knights of the Round Table.

Video Courtesy of Mikayla Miller - Maid of New Castle
Ever wonder what it might look like from the saddle when ring jousting? Take a ride along with Mikayla Miller - Maid of New Castle on Tyke at the 2012 St. Mary's County Fair Joust. As a Semi-Professional rider, she was riding up with the Professional Class going after 1 inch rings. On this particular ride, she was able to catch all three rings and covered the 80 yard course in 6.5 seconds or approximately 25.17 MPH. What fun!!! Come to a joust and try it out. You might find that you have found a new hobby, participating in the Maryland State Sport!!!
Maryland Jousting 101 - A video presentation from the 2014 Maryland State Jousting Championships held in Crownsville, MD. The video features interviews with Jackie Rosenthal (Maryland Jousting Tournament Association Secretary), Randy McGill (Amateur Jousting Club President), Vicki Betts (Maryland Jousting Tournament Association President), Alyssa Jastram (a Novice Rider with the Eastern Shore Jousting Association), and Mike Virts (Professional Rider from the Central Maryland Jousting Club and 19-time Maryland State Champion) who explain our State Sport. Special thanks to Rubicon Productions Inc., Nicholas Carter (Director), Terance McArdle (Director - Photography), and Pete Penebre (Sound) for capturing and editing this educational short film about Ring Jousting in Maryland.

Film Courtesy of Rubicon Productions Inc.

Video Courtesy of Herald-Mail Media.
Bob Enfield and his son Bradley talk about their family's love of Maryland's State Sport, Jousting. Just days prior to the 2015 Fairplay Days Joust in Western Maryland, they explained how they got involved as kids and what it is like to be a jouster and a jousting family to Crystal Schelle of the Herald-Mail Media.
Marylanders Keep State Sport Alive - Emily Schweich of CNS-TV interviews Shirley, Leon, Bob, and Bradley Enfield regarding their family's history in the sport of ring jousting.

Video Courtesy of Capital News Service - Maryland.

Video Courtesy of Gregory Hoare and ITV News.
Educational video from the 2017 Garleton Lodge International Tilting Tournament held in East Lothian, Scotland. The video is narrated by Gregory Hoare of ITV News. MJTA riders crossed the ocean and competed with riders from the Scottish Tilting Riding Club. Interviews with Scott Rodgerson (UK) and Shannon Allen (US). Also presented is historical footage from a traditional Tilting Tourney in Holland.
Ric Cottom of the Maryland Historical Society, for WYPR's Your Maryland, recounts how in the 1840s, William Gilmore began hosting festive jousting tournaments at The Vineyard, his estate located near 29th and Greenmount in Baltimore City.  By Ric Cottom and Lisa Morgan.

Audio Courtesy of National Public Radio (WYPR) Your Maryland

Video Courtesy of Evan Koslof and WUSA9.
When you think of state sports, you probably imagine the list including the likes of basketball, football, or baseball. But it might surprise you that the state sport in Maryland is a tad more archaic: Jousting. How did this happen? That's the latest question Evan Koslof went to answer in WUSA9's weekly segment called The Why. Our Question: Why Is Jousting The State Sport in Maryland?
Ron Vogel, President of Maryland Jousting Tournament Association, joins Horses in the Morning co-hosts Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings to explain modern jousting and how you can get started.  By the Horse Radio Network.

Audio Courtesy of Horse Radio Network

Video Courtesy of BYUtv.
Educational video excerpt from a 2020 recorded episode of BYUtv's inspiring and entertaining series Operation Awesome. Mentors Brent Camalich and Simone Bridges have assembled a dream team of five incredible kids who have already done incredible things in their hometowns and now will go on an epic road trip to help others across the country. This episode of Operation Awesome occurs in Gaithersburg, MD where the team helps Cavanaugh Bell with his project and experiences the Maryland State Sport - Jousting. Introduction of the State Sport by MJTA President - Ron Vogel.
How Did Jousting Become Maryland's Official State Sport?
Veteran WYPR journalist and producer of The Maryland Curiosity Bureau Aaron Henkin takes you on a quest to a ring-jousting event hosted by the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association in May 2022. Then the venture continues into a forest to find the ruins of a Gothic mansion where the state's first official joust was held.
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Audio Courtesy of National Public Radio (WYPR)
The Maryland Curiosity Bureau


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